The TABITA TRIAL PACKAGE is the package with the smallest package size from the Tabita Skincare Package, packed with economical and practical packaging so it is well suited for travel and for those of you who are just trying the Product of Tabita Skincare Original Package. This Tabita Trial package is the package with the smallest packaging size that can be used routinely or as an initial package for your facial skin care, a Tabita Trial package can be used to treat your facial skin regularly for 1-2 months.

Like the Exclusive Package and Regular Package of the Tabita Skincare Package, the Tabita Trial Package contains everything you need to treat your facial skin completely with only the different packaging sizes, with regular and recommended usage Tabita Original Trial package can overcome common facial skin problems like pimples, black spots and dull skin. only sells Tabita Original Package products, please be careful when choosing Tabita Skin care Package products because there are so many fake products on the market, for information on how to differentiate the fake and original Tabita skincare products, please visit the page ” Original vs. Fake Tabita “on this website.

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