We are Distributor of Original Best Price and Affordable Tabita Original Skincare.

Talking about reliable beauty care products is certainly inseparable from the Tabita Care Package brand, We are the Official Distributor of Tabita Care Package products in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, with the best and Original prices. We also serve sales to several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia etc.

We are the Official Distributor of Tabita Care Packages that only sell TABITA ORIGINAL products, which are facial and body skin care products from the Tabita Care Package. Because we are supplied directly from the Tabita Care Package manufacturer so we can provide the best and affordable prices.

Tabita Care Package products are formulated using natural ingredients, and are safe and proven to have a good effect on the skin. The main ingredients are Collagen, Pearl Powder, Japanese Tea, Papaya Extract, Vitamin A, C and Vitamin E.

The Tabita Care Package uses the main ingredients of Papaya Extract, which is very well known for its ability to brighten the skin, overcome pigmentation and stabilize skin conditions so that the Tabita Care Package product is suitable for all skin types and all skin problems. In addition to papaya extract, the Tabita Care Package also contains vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin A functions as a dryer for acne and makes zits not easily appear again, Vitamin C is useful for lightening skin color naturally, and Vitamin E is useful for nourishing the skin so it does not make dependency.

The benefits of the Tabita Care Package are undoubtedly a facial skin care treatment, which is proven to be able to whiten the face and make it look more radiant. And make facial skin cleaner, tighter and look younger and shine like a Korean artist.

Tabita Care Package products have a basic care package consisting of Exclusive Tabita Package for 3-4 Months usage, Regular Tabita Package for 2-3 Months Use, and Tabita Trial Package for 1-2 Month Use. In addition to the Basic Package the Tabita Care Package also has special products for your Stubborn Acne Treatment, namely Tabita Acne Cream and many other products.

All Tabita Care Package products are very safe to use without side effects and are suitable for all skin types (Neutral).

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Maximum results are obtained with regular use and as recommended.